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Printing Brisbane has access to a very large range of full colour stickers. Paper stickers are best value in our set sizes below, or can be printed in sheets or on rolls depending on your needs. Vinyl stickers can be any size from tiny to huge and are very easy to cut to a custom shape.


There are two main types of stickers. Indoor and Outdoor; and we print both!

Outdoor stickers are printed on vinyl, the type of vinyl depends on the final use.

Indoor stickers are printed on paper, again, the type depends on the final use.

You can have any shape you like but squares, rectangles and circles are the cost effective ones.

To Laminate or not to Laminate?

When a vinyl sticker is laminated, it is just like laminating a school text book. A thin layer of very sturdy clear vinyl is applied over the printed surface of the sticker. This gives it a great shine, and the ability to handle being in the weather for a couple of years (maybe not so long in the desert!). Ask us to quote for your laminated magnets in your preferred size – this is recommended for bumper stickers especially!

We can also die cut to almost any shape

If you are after a paper sticker size or shape that is not listed above, we can often still supply what you need. Have a look at these two websites, and choose a precut self adhesive label style that is exactly what you are after:

Label Line: Minimum order of 20 sheets for most labels.

KW Doggett: Minimum order of 100 sheets for most labels.

Be sure to specify the template for the pre-cut self adhesive labels you are after when you ask for your sticker quote. Work out how many sheets you would like prices for, and let us know that too!

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